Island Girl Cigar Bar to Add Rooftop Seating

Special Exception approved for the nightspot

Island Girl Cigar Bar in Town Center in Neptune Beach will be adding rooftop seating after being granted a special exception from the Neptune Beach City Council.

The proposal is for an additional 63 seats in both covered and open areas on top of the building. The owner of the business, Robert Feindt, told the council Monday night that the business would continue to offer only wine, beer and cigars, and that he has no interest in expanding his liquor license to include spirits.

The landlord, Southcoast Properties, has sufficient parking to accommodate the additional seats under the Neptune Beach code. Feindt said that the major concerns raised by the community development board dealt with safety issues. “One of them was … glassware being thrown off the roof,” Feindt said. “I agreed; all plastic, all the time, and that seemed to satisfy them on that matter. Second, amplified music. I’m going to comply with the Neptune Beach sound ordinance at 10 o’clock.”

The vote to approve the Use by Exception was unanimous.

Agenda and CDB information

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