Jacksonville Beach Gives Initial Approval to Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Update: Since this story was first written, the council voted for final approval of the legislation.

Changes zoning code to define a “pharmacy” to meet state requirements.

The Jacksonville Beach City Council on Monday night gave initial approval to changes in its land use code to to allow medical marijuana dispensing and treatment centers in the C-2 zoning districts, and making them a conditional use in C-1.

The approval required adding the word “pharmacy” to the code, as that use was not defined. Under the ordinance, pharmacies and medical marijuana business would be limited to operating between the hours of 7:00 am and 9:00 pm. They could also not be located within 500 feet of another dispensing facility or a public or private school.

According to city attorney Susan Erdelyi, if such a business was established, and an application was made to open a school within 500 feet of the pharmacy or medical marijuana facility, that application would likely be denied.

Mayor Charlie Latham said that the ordinance as it is written addresses his main concerns about the location of medical marijuana facilities.

The vote to approve the changes to the code was unanimous. It must be approved a second time before it becomes law.

Ordinance Text


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