Neptune Beach Senior Center Needs Repairs

City will spend $10,000 to refurbish the building

The Neptune Beach Senior Center is in need of some repairs, which will be done in March.

City Manager Andy Hyatt said that the city had received a report that there was some water damage that was occurring on the west side of the building. He said that the staff plans to rehab the west wall of the center.

Most of the people who regularly use the center will be taking a trip between March 21st and April 1st, Hyatt said, and the public works department plans to complete the work at that time. He anticipates that the necessary work will cost about $10,000. Public Works Director Leon Smith said that Hyatt’s estimate will be accurate as long as they don’t discover structural issues when they begin the repairs.

Councilor Rory Diamond gave the council some good news about some needed financial help for the center. “(Senior Activity Director) Leslie (Lyne) came down to K9s for Warriors, and we used our software which we paid a small fortune for … and came up with a stack of grants that she can apply for. Our staff has agreed to, for free, help her out with anything she might need,” Diamond said. “I think there’s a pretty good chance to get some really good grants and actually make it a cash-positive venture for the city and ultimately get enough money to tear that thing down and build something that we actually want, rather than just throw money at a rotting building.”

Work will begin on the Senior Center in the third week of March, and it is expected to re-open April 2.

Scope of Work

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