The Neptune Beach Senior Center Needs Extensive Repairs

City looking at options for a temporary home.

The Neptune Beach Senior Center is in need of extensive repairs, and the building may be condemned, forcing the city to look for a temporary home for the center.

At the Neptune Beach Land use and Parks Committee meeting Wednesday morning, Director of Public Services Director Leon Smith said that when they began to look at the building, they found that the support studs in the north wall have completely rotted, and the building may not be able to reopen in April as had originally been planned.

City Manager Andy Hyatt said that the city has reached out to the owner of the former gym behind the former Kmart building, which is currently vacant, who said that the city could temporarily house the senior center in his facility. The city would have to make upgrades to the HVAC system and cover the cost of utilities while they use the building. But, Hyatt said, the discussions are very preliminary, and the sports complex is under a letter of intent with another client.

The committee also discussed the possibility of combining the senior center with the community center that will take the place of the former Girls Scout building in Jarboe park. But expanding the community center to a size that would accommodate the senior center would add significantly to the cost of that building

The issue was also discussed at the finance committee Wednesday afternoon. At that meeting, it was pointed out that the senior center is also a voting precinct, and if it was unusable, the Supervisor of Elections would need to be notified, and another polling place would have to be found.

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