Atlantic Beach Still Working On A “Safe Route to School”

Authorizes City Manager to work with FDOT on moving the project forward.

The City of Atlantic Beach has been working since 2016 on the construction of a pedestrian and bicycle sidewalk on Seminole Road and Sherry Drive under the state’s “Safe Routes to School” program for students at Atlantic Beach Elementary School. On Monday night, the City Commission passed a resolution to finalize the agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation.

Under the resolution, City Manager Joe Gerrity will work with FDOT on a construction and maintenance agreement for the sidewalk, which is projected to cost $688,246.

The initial proposal was for an 8-foot sidewalk from Ahern Street north along Sherry Drive and Seminole Rode to 17th street. But during discussion of the project at the City Commission meeting, it was still unclear as to the exact scope and cost of the project. Commissioner John Stinson said that during the last public meeting on the path, the city was told that they have only been approved for about $460,000. It is also not clear whether the path will go all the way to 17th street, or stop at 15th street on Seminole Road. The amount of money available may be a determining factor in that decision.

But Commissioner Stinson reminded the commission that this resolution was simply to give Gerrity the authority to finalize those details with FDOT. “We’re not approving contracts, we’re not spending any money, we’re not redesigning the project. We’re trying to figure out … do I understand this right, Mr. Garrity? We’re trying to give you what you need to show the public what we’re going to get, how much money we’re going to get and what it will build?”

Garrity said that was the purpose of the resolution, and it was approved unanimously by the commission.

Resolution text

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