Jacksonville Will Study A Roundabout at Penman Road 5-Way Intersection

COJ will pay to look into major changes at the intersection.

NB SealThe City of Jacksonville will conduct a traffic study at the five-way intersection on Penman Road at Florida Boulevard and Forest Avenue in Neptune Beach.

Neptune Beach Mayor Elaine Brown said at the Monday meeting of the Neptune Beach City Council that the city staff had requested the study in a meeting with City of Jacksonville Chief Administrative Officer Sam Mousa, who agreed to fund the study. It is expected to cost between $50,000 and $70,000.

Councilman Fred Jones, who chairs the Neptune Beach Strategic Planning and Visioning Committee, said during his report to the council that the discussion of a roundabout has been prompted in part by the re-routing of the East Coast Greenway to Florida Boulevard. “That really plays into this discussion, and I think it was at least received favorably about looking at that differently. Not only that, but having the span wire condition with the signals there is not the safest during storms,” Jones said.

The City of Jacksonville will likely conduct the study over the next several months, and have information for Neptune Beach by summer.


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