NBCC Debates Engineering Work For Jarboe Park Makeover

Site Design Services Estimated At Over $75,000.

Engineering design work for phase one of a proposed makeover of Jarboe Park in Neptune Beach would cost the city over $75,000 under a proposal submitted by Hanson Professional Services of Jacksonville.

The bid was submitted to the city last month, and the council must now decide whether to approve spending the money. But the council is divided on the issue.

At the council’s workshop meeting Monday night, Councilman Fred Jones, a planner by profession, said that the engineering design work was necessary for the successful completion of the project. “That would include survey, utility survey, topographic work, as well as concern about potential expansion of the pond sites,” Jones said, “because I think there was a little bit of confusion in terms of what it was that we were getting.”

The city’s current parks budget has a balance of about $40,000, meaning money would have to be transferred from another account to cover the cost of the engineering. Councilman Scott Wiley says that the city should look at the possibility of doing much of the work in-house. “I don’t see why we can’t just go ahead and start doing the work in phase one,” Wiley said. I don’t think we need to spend the money for the engineering. We have our own engineer, we can sub out the work. I don’t see why we couldn’t do this and get started a lot quicker.”

After receiving the initial bid of $75,000, the city solicited a second estimate, which Community Development Director Amanda Askew said came in at about a thousand dollars more than the Hanson estimate.

The city has already razed the old Girl Scout building at the park, and plans to replace it with a community center. A grant obtained by the city for a multi-use path that has been constructed along Florida Boulevard requires the construction of restrooms somewhere in the park near that path.

There is no estimate for the cost of the actual work to be done once the engineering study is completed, should the council vote to authorize the expenditure.
Hanson Company proposal

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