Neptune Beach Senior Center Needs Extensive Repairs, but Can be Saved

Activities moved to vacant health club on Lemon Street.

The Neptune Beach Senior Center needs extensive repair, but is salvageable, according to Neptune Beach City Manager Andy Hyatt.

At the city’s workshop meeting Monday night, Hyatt said that the building is structurally sound, but needs a lot of rehabilitation work, particularly on its north side. “You know, a high wind could knock any building over, we know that. But in the last two hurricanes we’ve been through, there’s not been any damage,” Hyatt said. “So that’s a real positive for the construction of the building, how solid it is. So, we fully anticipate refurbishing and updating, and any rotten wood or anything that might be in there, making it whole again and using that facility for many years to come.”

While the building is being repaired, the activities of the Senior center will be housed in the vacant health club building on Lemon Street. The owner of that building has agreed to lease it to the city for the Senior Center for a dollar a month for the next year while the permanent building is being repaired.

The Senior Center is also one of two voting precincts in Neptune Beach. Councilman Scott Wiley said that the Duval County Supervisor of Elections has been contacted, but it is not known where the polling place will be located for the August primary and November General Elections.

Senior Center

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