Colorado Forecasters Predict A Slightly Above Normal Hurricane Season

Fourteen named storms may form in the Atlantic basin.

Forecasters at Colorado State University are forecasting a slightly above normal hurricane season in the school’s annual early forecast.

According to the forecast, as many as 14 named storms may form in the Atlantic basin this year. Of those, seven are predicted to become hurricanes, and three may spin up into major hurricanes of Category 3 or higher.

There is a 63 percent chance that a storm will make landfall somewhere in the United States. The risk for Florida Peninsula is 39 percent, according to the forecasters, while the panhandle has a 38 percent chance of being impacted.

A weak La Nina event will continue to weaken over the course of the summer. A significant El Nino is not anticipated. And the Atlantic sea surface temperatures are difficult to predict.

The National Hurricane Center will release it’s official forecast late in May, just before the official start of the hurricane season June 1.

Colorado State University forecast

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