Legislators Present Ceremonial Check To Neptune Beach

State approves funding for drainage projects on Florida Boulevard.

Senator Aaron Bean and Representative Cord Byrd presented a check in the amount of $375,000 Monday night that will be used for drainage projects in Neptune Beach.

The funding had been requested and approved in the 2017 state budget, but was then vetoed by Governor Rick Scott. This year, the funding made it all the way through the process. Senator Bean he has been aware of the need for drainage work since he first campaigned for the Senate five years ago. “One of our missions for the past few years has been to have the state pony up and address the problem, along with the residents of Neptune Beach,” Senator Bean said. “We suffered a huge tragedy this year, and hundreds of projects were taken away in order for the legislature to put together a school safety package that included mental health and hardening of school resources. The funding came from … hundreds of projects. Fortunately, this wasn’t one of them.”

Representative Byrd told the council that Neptune Beach was one of only a few cities that got funding for a drainage project in this year’s budget. “Water projects are one of the number one projects that are requested in appropriations. Only 51 of them got across the finish line this year, and I am proud to say Neptune Beach is one of those and thank the Governor for doing that,” Representative Byrd said.

The city will have to come up with additional funding for the drainage projects that will improve water flow in several areas along Florida Boulevard.


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