Neptune Beach Moving Forward on Paid Parking

City still needs to determine what entity will manage and enforce the plan.

Neptune Beach City Attorney Patrick Krechowski and Councilor Richard Arthur are working on a Request for Information from companies that may wish to manage and enforce the city’s paid parking plan.

The city has settled on a vendor for the parking kiosks, but it cannot legally enforce parking limits on private property, which encompasses a good portion of the parking in Town Center.

The Town Center Agency has expressed an interest in establishing a parking authority to manage and enforce paid parking in the shopping and restaurant district. But Councilor Arthur said the city needs to explore all its options. “Whether its an open bid, an RFP whatever format we need to do so we can get it sent it back to us so we can look at that as an option on the table, so we can put it out there and whoever wants to bid on it can bid on it, and then we can evaluate it and move forward from there.”

The management company will be responsible for scanning the license plates and collecting fines for violations. The city had originally hoped to have a paid parking solution in place before the summer season, but there is currently no timeline for paid parking to be implemented in Town Center.

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