Neptune Beach looks at Changes in Public Use of Right of Way

Would require residents to apply for a use permit.

Changes may be on the way for use of city Right of Way in Neptune Beach by private landowners.

A proposed ordinance discussed Monday at the Neptune Beach City Council Workshop meeting would add language allowing owners of property located immediately adjacent to City rights-of-way to apply for a use permit to allow vehicular or pedestrian access to the adjacent property.

The city would not entertain permit applications that include landscaping, irrigation, walls or other activities that are not directly related to property access.

The way the ordinance is written, someone with a sprinkler system that is on the city right-of-way that needed repair could be required to apply for an access permit to make those repairs. Vice Mayor Scott Wiley said that in extreme cases, a homeowner might have to remove their irrigation system to comply with the ordinance.

Councilman Richard Arthur said he does not support the change. Arthur said that he feels that people who want to beautify the rights-of-way that may be adjacent to their properties should be allowed to do so. He said that an ordinance that appears to be designed to address issues in high-density areas east of Third should not be applied to all areas of the city.

Mayor Elaine Brown said that residents that maintain the rights-of-way adjacent to their properties adds to the overall look of the city. She referred the issue to the Land Use and Parks committee for further study and public comments.

Ordinance Language

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