Neptune Beach Will Close First Street On July 4

Only First Street Residents And Guests Will Be Allowed On The Street.

The Neptune Beach Police Department has set its plan for traffic management for the Independence Day holiday.

July 4th falls on a Wednesday this year, so city officials are anticipating a somewhat smaller crowd than might visit the beach when the holiday falls on a weekend. But thousands of people mare still expected to flock to the beach for the celebration.

To make things safer for the pedestrians and bicyclists on First Street, it will be closed to all but those people who live on the street and their guests, according to Neptune Beach Police Commander Gary Snyder.

“We’re going to be closing first street to vehicular traffic, with the exception of our residents. It will be local traffic only. So from Cherry Street to North Street will be closed … local traffic only,” Snyder said in a briefing to the Neptune Beach City Council at their workshop meeting Monday night. “We’ll have hostile vehicle communication barricades in place, so if we do get traffic down that doesn’t belong there they will not be able to continue on. Bicyclists and pedestrians will still be able to access, but vehicles won’t be able to. Officers that will be working that corridor will be forcing traffic that are not residents or residents’ guests back west away from the area.”

Commander Gary Snyder

Additional officers will be patrolling other areas near the beach, as well as on the beach. The Neptune Beach Police Department will be assisted by officers from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Neptune Beach Police Facebook

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