500 Atlantic Project Revised To Include Boutique Hotel

Apartment Reduced To 175, Hotel Would Include 74 Rooms.

A new proposal for the redevelopment of the former Kmart property now known a 500 Atlantic was presented to the City of Neptune Beach late Tuesday.

In this latest proposal, the developer has reduced the number of apartments to not more than 175, and added a “boutique” hotel to the first floor of the main buildings. The hotel would have not more than 74 rooms, according to documents submitted to the city.

Under the revised plan, there would be no residential apartments on the ground floor of the development. A parking garage has also been added to the plan. The project includes 100,900 square feet of restaurant space, and 107,450 square feet of retail space. That number includes the 57,000 square feet of existing retail space to the west of the former Kmart encompassing Lucky’s Market, the Bealle’s Outlet, and other businesses.

With the addition of the hotel, all ground floor space will be “commercial in nature”, according to the submitted documents.

The plan contains the infrastructure improvement previously promised by the developer, including the walking trail to Jarboe Park, the addition of a stormwater retention pond and maintenance of the runoff, and a “pedestrian-friendly” crossing at Third and Lemon streets to connect the development with the Beaches Town Center.

No variances are requested in this latest proposal, according to the submitted documents. The Special Exception must still be considered by the Community Development Board and approved by the City Council. It will be on the agenda for a July 18th special meeting of the CDB, which will be held in the Fletcher High School auditorium to accommodate an anticipated large crowd. That meeting begins at 6:00 p.m.

Meeting Notice https://ci.neptune-beach.fl.us/z/-vf.

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