Neptune Beach will Proceed with Jarboe Park Engineering Work

Authorizes spending nearly $38,000 for plans for Phase 1 of the project,

The Neptune Beach City Council approved spending $37,800 for to Parsons Corporation of Jacksonville for the engineering and design work on Phase 1 of the Jarboe Park improvement project. Parsons was the low bidder for completing the study.

Phase 1 of the project includes design of the new tennis, pickleball and volleyball courts.

City Manager Andy Hyatt said that Parsons told him that engineering for the entire project would cost about double the amount bid for Phase 1, bringing them in line with the other bids for the entire project.

The council discussed having all of the engineering done at the same time, but determined that it would be too expensive. Interim Finance Director Steve Ramsey said there was money in the budget to cover the Parsons bid for Phase 1, but not for engineering the entire project.

There was also discussion about having the engineering done by the city’s part-time staff engineer, but it was determined that the better course was to have the outside firm do the work in the interest of getting the project, which the city has been working on for about two years, underway.

The vote to move forward with a contract with Parsons was unanimous.

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